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The Fragile Feline of the Savannah
ISBN 1-904722-22-9

The Spotted oNE is a book that depicts Loveliest of the great wild cats, the cheetah is poetry in motion, a blurred streak of graceful ferocity and a sauntering portrait of fluid beauty. They threaten no man and kill only for food. But the world’s fastest animal is under threat from fellow predators and ecological change.

This is one of the most unusual and moving stories of animal behaviour. Kathrine and Karl Ammann devoted two years to the study of cheetah and their movements in the wild of the Maasai Mara, a remote and hauntingly beautiful corner of Kenya. This account of their life among The Spotted One forms a compelling and poignant narrative.

While working in the Mara, the Ammanns discovered their photographic talents. Their fascinating story is brought to life by some of the best colour pictures ever taken of any predator, anywhere. The Spotted One is a book worth reading.

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