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Facts About Cheetahs | Kruger Wildlife

Kathrine & Karl Ammann
ISBN 1-904722-23-7

East Africa still offers an extraordinary spectacle of animal life. Millions of herbivores throng the grasslands and with them is an array of predators, scavengers and parasites. It’s a spectacle without equal in the animal world.

Karl and Kathrine Ammann, whose book ‘The Spotted One’ reveals many little known aspects of this graceful species, here retrace the constance cycles of life and death in the bush – witnessed at first hand and captured in this superb series of colour photographs.

Never before has African wildlife been illustrated with such power and drama. Here, in marvellous sequences, the reader can follow the stalk, the hunt and the kill of the lion cheetah, wild dog, and many other animals.

The text, written in collaboration with Ian Parker, is both lively and authoritative and is based on startling new evidence about how these predators interact.

Such profound understanding of their subject is the secret of the Ammanns’ success as photographers. In this remarkable book the world of ‘The Hunters & The Hunted’ is brought vividly to life.

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