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Photography by David Pluth
Stories by Sylvester Onyang and Jeremy O’Kasick
ISBN 978-3-906745-01-5

‘Karamoja: Uganda’s Land of Warrior Nomads’ stands on the edge. A work 10 years in the making, this ground-breaking book of stories and photography brings into focus the proud Karamojong warriors and herdsmen of the remote semi-desert plains in north-east Uganda.

‘Karamoja’ reveals both everyday and extraordinary scenes with the stark magnetism of photojournalism and the timeless beauty of African imagery. The photographs accompany dramatic tales based on actual events in the region. Follow the paths of such young warriors as Amaese, who is forced to fight for his family’s existence and to rid his kinsman’s house of evil spirits. The stories embody everything from Karamojong traditional religion to concepts of beauty and justice, from child rearing to the mysticism of the gun.

As the Karamojong have arrived at a crossroads in their history, their stories and images become all the more priceless and powerful. ‘Karamoja: Uganda’s Land of Warrior Nomads’ is a book worth reading.

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