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Mohamed Amin, Duncan Willetts and Alastair Matheson

ISBN 978-1-904722-44-1


Riven by many deep and stupendous gorges, crowned by high and magnificent mountains, necklaced by a chain of lakes, watered by majestic rivers, studded with burning deserts and great escarpments that plunge down from its highlands, Ethiopia as a country, remains a land of incomparable beauty.But it is not simply the sheer scale of its physical beauty which characterizes this land where the Blue Nile has carved one of the world’s greatest and most awesome gorges. Its ancient and mediaeval monuments, its proud and colourful cultures, and its varied and often unique wildlife set it apart from all else.Ethiopia, dissected through its middle by the scar of the Great Rift Valley, is as old as time itself. It is a land claiming a rich history that goes back to the Old Testament.It is the land of Sheba, and of Axum and Lalibela, of towering obelisks and the Ark of the Covenant — a land that was Christian before much of Europe and yet unknown to Europe for about 1,000 years or more; a land that dwelt in limbo, forgotten by the world which it never forgot.From the vast spread of Lake Tana, source of the Blue Nile in the northern highlands, through the relics of Axum, seat of Sheba’s legendary empire, down along the scorching inferno of the Danakil Depression, one of the world’s lowest points, and high amid the wonders of the Simien and Bale Mountains to the untouched, game-filled wildernesses of the remote southern grasslands, a Journey through Ethiopia is an odyssey of discovery.And here the incredible beauty of its cultures, landscapes, monuments, architecture, wildlife and its rich and colourful history are brought to unforgettable life through the exceptional photography of Mohamed Amin and Duncan Willetts and Alastair Matheson’s text.

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