JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME: Pilgrimage of Mecca


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ISBN 1 874041 83-0

This photographic record of the pilgrimage known to Muslims as the Hajj brilliantly captures the spirit and devotion of one of the world’s greatest religious experiences. World-renowned photographer and cameraman, the late Mohamed Amin, was given every help by the Saudi Arabian Government to photograph all aspects of the Hajj. For two years, from helicopter, Land Rover, camel-back and on foot, he recorded the devout as they made their way in their millions to the holy places of Islam to Madinah, Jeddah and the holy city of Makkah itself. The late Mohamed Amin portrays these crowning moments in the lives of men, rich and poor, from places as far apart as Malaysia and Mali, Nigeria and Japan, Indonesia and Iraq. He was among the first to be given permission to photograph sections of the Sacred Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. The accompanying text has been approved by the Academy of Islamic Research, Al Azhar University, Cairo.


For the pilgrim this book is an enduring reminder of a great adventure in faith; for the non-believer it remains a moving documentary of that testament to faith.

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