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Mohamed Amin, Duncan Willetts and Brian Tetley

ISBN 978-1-904722-55-7

Kenyan wildlife

Few countries in the world boast the wildlife spectacle found in Keany, as this lavishly illustrated book full of fascinating information demonstrates. Here you can discover the world’s fastest land animal … why a zebra’s stripes are unique … the monkeys that have no thumbs … a one-ton antelope that leaps more than two metres from a standing position … what makes an elephant closer to human society than most living creatures … how the lion makes its kill … where the grant’s gazelle got its name … and much much more.

Designed for both wildlife enthusiasts and those who simply enjoy looking at animals in their natural habitats, it depicts the creatures to be found no more than 60 game sanctuaries throughout Kenya – from mountain peak to Indian Ocean shore. With 80 superb colour photographs of more than 50 of the most handsome and unusual of the countries many creatures, Beautiful Animals of Kenya is a colourful, easy to read guide, packed with a host of little known and often surprising information. Fascinating full-colour photographs by Mohamed Amin and Duncan Willets give a glorious dimension to an informative text by Brian Tetley.

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