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Mohamed Amin, Duncan Willetts and Jan Hemsing

ISBN 978-1-904722-52-6

Beloved by Earnest Hemingway and Hollywood’s legendary filmmakers, the fragile grasslands of Amboseli, with their swamps and springs and seasonal lakes, stand beneath the majesty of 5,896-metre (19,340-foot) Kilimanjaro.Rising into the ethereal blue of an equatorial sky, the snow-capped dome of Africa’s highest mountain is testimony to the grandeur of nature’s design.And through the arid grass and dust devils that spiral at its base, the predators stalk their prey amid the beauty of Amboseli and its magnificent wildlife spectacle – elephant, giraffe, buffalo, zebra, antelope, gazelle, lion, leopard and cheetah, and myriad other species unique to the African bush.With full-colour pictures from Mohamed Amin and Duncan Willetts, and lyrical words from Jan Hemsing, The Beauty of Amboseli remains fresh long after the holiday has faded from memory.

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